Standard Tent Lighting: 


20x20  $20               30x30   $30       40x40  $60

20x30  $25               30x45   $45       40X60  $75

20x40  $30               30x60   $60       40x80  $90

                               30x75   $75      40x100  $105

                               30x90   $90      40x120  $120

                                                      40x140  $140

*Call for bigger sizes



We also have a variety of lighting for decorating. Please call for more information. 


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Cafe Lighting: 25 ft. Section: $15

Large Lantern: $8.00

  5in. wide x 12in. tall


Small Lantern: $5.00

 2.5in wide x 5.5in tall


Both lanterns include flameless candle and batteries.



Head Table background lighting


each style is 9ft section



Plain-just lights: $20.00 per section


   Lighting with fabric: $30.00 per section


      Crystal beading: $5.00 add-on per section


Center Pole Lighting

Pole with Lighting:  $15 each

Pole with Fabric: $30 each

Pole with basic and Lighting $40 each





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